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Shirley Ellis - Soul Time

and one more hah!

…which is fine as we all love looking at beauties :) Cheers, doll! Great pics! x

cut my fringe at 1am on a whim x

Haha wow, it apparently was a good whim - stunning! Thank you for submitting this brand new you to our blog x

I hope this is an acceptable donation to your blog. :) Mod me.

Of course it is! I love the crazy drawing - and I love your hair! Beautiful colour, too! Thank you!! x

for the competition ;) 

Hair envy! Thank you so much for the submission, you look amazing, doll! x

Lucia (Lucy) Campione from

Coming up - a little Lucy (from thecarnabetianarmy) spam! As her pics are all utterly beautiful! Thank you for submitting them, we feel honoured!! Gorgeous lady! x

Lucia (Lucy) Campione from
Lucia (Lucy) Campione from